What's Cooking's! classes have been recognized by many sources, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. Phyllis Frucht, teacher, author, and culinary professional, conducts classes in her centrally located Dupont Circle kitchen. Classes range from International (Asian, French, Italian, Ethnic Cuisines,) Healthy Vegetarian, and Contemporary Cooking. Phyllis has offered hands-on classes at What's Cooking! for more than twenty years. What's Cooking! classes are a fun way to improve skills, to experience new dishes, and to learn in a small and intimate setting. Whether you are a professional chef expanding your portfolio or a novice in the kitchen, What's Cooking! has the right class for you. "Few people know more about cooking than Phyllis Frucht. I would highly recommend any classes she taught." Phyllis Richman, Washington Post.

       As of September, 2012, classes will be limited to private groups of 10-16 people on a prearranged basis. We have successfully offered this arrangement to law firms and other organizations interested in team building and unique, personalized group experiences. Also, wedding showers, and birthday parties have been popular at What's Cooking!

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A fresh way to think about food that is nutritious and delicious.

Trendy, upbeat, lighter in fat and better tasting than you ever thought possible, these dishes are adapted from select spas across the country.
The Menu: Grilled Chinese Eggplant with Balsamic Vinaigrette wNori Wrapped Sesame Crusted Salmon wShiitakes and Sugar Snap Peas w FreshOrange Slices with Raspberry-Chocolate Sauce.

A rich cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, meats and seafoods.

Flavors of India have captivated travelers for many centuries. This menu is based on our recent tip to India last year.
The Menu: Goan Spiced Mussels w Saffron Chicken Pilau w Red Pork Curry w Carrot, Pistachio and Golden Raisin Raita.


In Italy, the joys of the table are unparalleled and food holds center stage in ordinary life.
The Menu: Rich Polenta Parmigana layered with Wild Mushrooms, Spinach and Three Cheeses with Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce w Roasted Green Bean Salad with Tomato Basil-Balsamic Vinegar Dressing w Tiramisu.

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